Reasons to Buy a Bungalow in Ballincollig, County Cork

Ballincollig is a growing boondocks with a citizenry of about 20,000. The boondocks is about eight kilometres to the west of Cork City, just off the Ballincollig By-Pass. There are abounding amenities in Ballincollig to allure a -to-be buyer, such as a circuitous cinema, library, playgrounds, and a anew opened arcade centre.

There are four primary schools, two accessory schools, and as Ballincollig is abreast Cork City, University College Cork is calmly accessible. Ballincollig is aswell abutting to Cork City’s capital hospital, Cork University Hospital. Recently a children’s action centre has been congenital with a constructed skating amphitheatre which offers skating on a artificial surface. The Oriel Hotel and Leisure Centre offers accessories including a pond pool, gym, with affluence added classes, such as dancing lessons, available. There are abounding sports clubs alive in the boondocks such as the GAA Club, Basketball, Soceer, and a angle and putt blooming just on the outskirts, The Lee Valley Golf club is aswell aural abutting adjacency to the town. Public carriage is aswell present in Ballincollig with buses traveling to and from Cork City on a approved basis. Cork airport is about twenty account drive from the town. Ballincollig Castle, amid to the south west of the town, which dates from at atomic the fifteenth century, although now in charcoal and on clandestine land, is arresting from the Ballincollig by-pass.

Cork County Council opened airing means on the breadth of the old Gunpowder Mills, abreast the old canals and is accepted for abounding tourists and association of Ballincollig who appear actuality for a adequate walk, breadth some of the charcoal of the mills are still visible. The Mills active hundred of workers in the backward nineteenth century, but if it bankrupt Ballincollig became just a little apple with a few hundred residents.

In the 1970s, abounding apartment developments sprang up about the old apple and connected through the backward 80s and 90s. It was if the old army barracks, with its huge acreage mass, was awash for development that Ballincollig grew in admeasurement and population. Subsequently acreage in Ballincollig has become actual big-ticket in the endure few years so abode prices accept escalated with apartments and baby semi-detached getting congenital on actual baby plots to utilise the acreage abundant added profitably. Hence there is a absence of bungalows for auction in Ballincollig so any that appear on the bazaar are snatched up appealing fast. The capital acumen for this is that bungalows tend to be on beyond plots acceptance for extensions to be added on over the years, aswell there is greater aloofness as bungalows are about detached.

There are abounding advantages to owning a bungalow, such as a bungalow is a abode that has alone one storey, so any affairs to adapt the autogenous is abundant easier than a two storey as there are beneath acknowledging walls in a bungalow. Anyone who has bargain advancement or is disabled will acquisition a bungalow an ideal home breadth every allowance is calmly accessible, as removing walls or extending doorways is abundant easier and cheaper to backpack out than a two storey house. There is added ambit to alteration a black searching bungalow into an ablaze aerial accessible plan active breadth than the accepted abode as bungalows are abundant added adjustable to architecture change than any added anatomy of active accommodation.

Another advantage would be that bungalows usually appear on beyond sites than the accepted two storey or semi alone house. This will accord the home buyer allowance to add on any all-important extensions or conservatory after demography too abundant from the garden. But accomplish abiding you accept abounding planning permission to backpack out any alien architecture to your bungalow. Aswell there is added aloofness to be had owning a bungalow as they usually appear alone so copse and shrubs anxiously buried about the boundaries of the acreage will actualize a actual clandestine home.

As bungalows charge added acreage to body on they are rarely begin in burghal areas breadth acreage is big-ticket and abundant added densely busy than rural areas, therefore, bungalows abreast cities are a attenuate acquisition and will authority their value.

Bungalows tend to be beneath cher to run as a home than the approved two storey as heating is not absent to the upstairs, already the attic is able-bodied insulated. Cleaning of gutters and windows is simple compared to the another and accepted aliment such as bank painting is a doddle. There is aswell a added cosy and adequate feel to active in a bungalow as all the active is done on one floor. So if you are searching for a bungalow for auction in Cork again accede aboriginal the location, Ballincollig, again the appearance of house, bungalow, as your aboriginal choice, you will not be disappointed.

When searching for acreage for auction accede Ballincollig, on the outskirts of Cork City, as your aboriginal choice. It is a able-bodied maintained boondocks with a association that takes pride in its bound and this can be apparent with the abundant burying of copse and flowers throughout the boondocks and aswell the cleanliness of its streets.